Wednesday, August 14, 2013

volumetric hologram design @ room temperature

my first hologram design utilized quantum mechanics, particularly quantum levitation, which we all know to currently utilize 0 energy releasing, 0 electrical resisting super conductor) which isn't at room temperature, in tandem with a powerful laser which finally uses plasma phenomenon to generate focal points whose persistent locomotion induces aerial images. The laser segment was inspired by burton inc, while the quantum mechanic conductor ring stems from my thoughts.

This design, conversely utilizes self organizing anti polorizing bits, that in accumulation, generate volumetric formations in mid-air, this time absent quantum levitation. Amidst the nature of these aerial bits, there is a chain system enabled, where a column is formed based on the state of subsequent bits.

~jordan micah bennett

~conscientia aequatio (a theoretical equation of consciousness) ~ by Jordan Micah Bennett

Perhaps, to construe the human consciousness, one shall absorb indubitably, the circuitous non-liminality amidst it;

Consciousness is boundless, but bounded in the factum of it's inability to derive the universe's origin. Therein, consciousness equates unequivocally with recursive perceptive pattern.